Third Studio Session

This session is about “glamour” illumination. It is a simple light configuration than is commonly used for model’s session that requires freedom of movement and to not worry too much about the lights and so. The most important things in this type of configuration are:

  • A main lateral light with diffuser is used (1). It creates soft shadows, specially on (our) left side.
  • Two big reflectors are positioned in both sides of the main light to reflect in all directions (3). In this way we get a uniform illumination that avoids most of the model’s skin imperfections and wrinkles 😉
  • An additional pair of lights is oriented to the white background (2). It is advised that the position and intensity of both lights is equivalent, so that we can get the most uniform and pure white.
  • We shall pay attention to the difference of exposure between the light in the model’s face and the background. If it’s around 2 diaphragms, it’s ok and the background will be completely white. However, if we raise the power of the back lights and increase up to 4 diaphragms, the background will start to shine too much and will produce a kind of “foggy” effect on the model. This resource will give more ethereal atmosphere to the picture. It is widely used in commercial photography. There’s an example in the slideshow.

Finally here’s a set of portraits of the session 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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