First Week in Cambridge

I was expecting on writing earlier and explain all the things that happened to me on my first day in the Institute, however, I had some trouble with technological equipment and I’m writing just now. I would like to upload some pictures, but I still can not connect in the residence, so that you’ll probably have to wait until the weekend (hopefully).

The first thing I can say is that I still can’t stop wonder about Cambridge. Is nearly living in a fairly tale story. People warned me about Cambridge being similar to Hogwards, but I obviously thought they were overacting… but now I’m seeing that they were not. All the houses, the Cam river which crosses Cambridge and all the old colleges seem completely fantastic! I really wish I can take some pictures and post them, because it’s really pretty!

Returning to my beginning in here, I must say that the balance of the first day was quite positive:

  • + I got a bike, which is quite useful to reduce the time I spend to go to the Institute to the half (from 40 min to less than 20)
  • + I had accommodation from the first day I arrived to Cambridge.
  • + I shook the hand of the 2011’s Nobel Prize in Physics: Saul Perlmutter, who was by chance in Cambridge in order to give a talk by Stephen Hawking‘s 70th birthday. My supervisor introduced me to him and I was shocked! I really couldn’t believe it!
  • – I lost the battery charger of my laptop, so I can’t connect to internet at home and I won’t be able until my new laptop arrives.
  • + I’ll have a new laptop!

I guess that this was just the beginning and that much more interesting stuff is about to come, such as college formal dinners (I’ll take about them later), a little bit of physics and Cambridge life in general.


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