Colleges in Cambridge

Ok, I’m here again. This time I’ll be brief, as long as I still don’t have many pictures to post. However, I can make a little advance and put a couple of them. These are colleges: King’s College (which is kinda impressive) and St. Catherine’s College (mine).

Before getting here, I was very curious about Colleges, because it is a completely new thing for me. There are no colleges, and nothing even close to that in Barcelona. Several people asked me about them and the most I can say (with 1 week of Cambridge experience) is that they are historical organisations aimed to help the students and to create a strong community. Each student (undergraduate, graduate or even fellow), have to belong to a college, as it will be the “juridical” organisation who will represent and look for the student’s welfare.

Some of the facilities the college offers are: accommodation service in a residence or in a private house (which is usually shared by approximately 5 students), canteen and bar, library, college public PC’s and printing service, as well as taking over some paperwork you have to do when you enter the university.

Finally, and I prefer to speak about this once I’ve experience it, the colleges use to organise social events for their students, such as informal parties and formal dinners, which require a strict dressing code.


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