Chilean adventure

After spending more than 30h traveling to get to Punta Arenas, you find yourself in a totally different environment. At the beginning, in the bus to Puerto Natales the landscape was just infinite land under deep blue sky. Sometimes a guanacos, cows and horses appeared along the road.

The next step was the Natural Parc of Torres del Paine. Impressive. What can I say. Wild weather, wild mountain and completely human-dominated and expensive refugees. However, The physical (5 days hiking through the W circuit) and economical pain had a reward each time I looked around me. The landscape was simply amazing. The fanciful shapes of Torres kinda remind me our catalan mountain Montserrat. Same steep shapes, but higher, colder and covered by an eternal white blanket.

Last pictures belong to the city of Valparaíso, which seems an ant’s nest of small colorful houses, tiny cafes and graffiti walls.

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3 thoughts on “Chilean adventure

  1. Quina enveja! N’has tret de bones fotos, suposo que no et queixaràs pas!
    Espero veure’n més en breu.

    Un petó

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