Fourth Studio Session

Well, finally I managed to rewind some time back and add another post about the photography lessons I took during the last studio course. This fourth one is the continuation on the “Glamour” illumination, having the following configuration:

  • White background + two symmetric backlights with 2f difference regarding the main light to create a completely white background.
    • OR
  • Black background + 1 background light to create a circular halo.
  • Two symmetrically located umbrellas in front – side of the model. One of them is the main light and the other, which is usually 1 or 2f fainter, is the filling light. Diffuse light is used to create some interesting soft shadows: in the face, the collarbone, the arms, etc.
  • A Rayman Rabbit and other accessories to create funny situations 🙂

Finally some pictures from this amusing session.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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