I’m starting to get worried. I think that after 4 months I start to feel the symptoms:

  • Baking cakes nearly every week.
  • Cook curry chicken.
  • Drink tea all day long and stop complaining about the quality of the British coffee.
  • Do shopping when I go to Spain, because the prices are… so cheap!!!
  • Compulsively say “That’s lovely dear!”. In any context.


8 thoughts on “Britishification

    • I thought about that… however, Spanish and British punctuality are equally well known… ejem. I think that in my case it still will take a while to get there… but yes, it already started to act.

    • True! Since this rainy spring started, I can only speak about the weather and hope that next month will be better… totally true. Is a constant topic in everyday conversations 😛

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