Grantchester, a nice surprise

Cambridge is lovely dear. Of course it is. However, recently I discovered another source of loveliness really close. As close as 2.5 km on a footpath, which takes around 30 min walking. Is the nearby town of Grantchester. The footpath by the riverside is spread with brown cows, people suffering punting on their boats (specially during the improbable combination of weekend + good weather), sheep, dogs, children and other kind of living creatures.

At the end of the path, there is an open air cafe, which allows you to take a rest and recover the burnt calories by grabbing a nice piece of cake. Another options (+18) are some of the pubs, which also look great specially if the weather is good… Well, I must admit that all England must be nice and lovely if the weather is good. The issue is that this is a real stroke of luck.

One of the pubs that specially took my breath out is… the Unicorn! I wonder if the owner’s name is Charlie.

Finally some pictures. I’ll add some more in the future, as I plan to get back several times 🙂

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