Highest place in Cambridge

The other day I’ve been in the highest (land) place in Cambridge: the Castle Hill. It took me a while to climb there… as long as… ehem, 1 min? C’mon, this is not serious. Probably you’ll think I’m joking, but nope. The Castle Mound is what remains of that epoch around XI century, when the Cam river had to be carefully controlled by the Normand. The castle on top of the Mound was lost, as many of it’s stones were used to assemble some of the local houses, Magdalene College, Great St Mary’s and Sawston Hall. More information on the Castle here.

Finally, as a proof of the dizziness of the height of this place, a panorama of Cambridge City. Some of the features that can be observed are St. Gile’s Church roof, the King’s Chapel behind, the Trinity Tower, the Cambridge University Library, a piece of the Cambridgeshire County Council… and the curry restaurant Cocoon!

Highest place in Cambridge.


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