Bang Bang, I shoot my baby down

I shoot my baby so many times, so it has finally broken down…

After a stable relationship of 3 years and 4 months together, it said enough. Still don’t understand why… It happened during a nice british morning, which means that between rain and clouds you may achieve to catch a glimpse of the Sun. Nothing crashed, nothing felt to the ground, no sharp movements… nothing! It simply stopped working. That’s it 😦

Initially “error 99” started to appear on the screen, preventing me from taking pictures… unless I removed the battery or the SD card… then it worked for a few shots, and the again the “99” and  “99” again… such a nightmare! Finally it simply stopped breathing working. I may agree that 1000D was not one of the most expensive models, but what I was expecting is to keep it working at least for some years after the warranty expires… Even if I like shooting, I don’t think I’ve reached it’s maximum threshold… that’s quite disappointing.

I’ve brought it today to the hospital repairing service. Let’s see what’s the problem, and how much it will cost. Maybe it worth just forgetting about my old mate and get a new baby… I’ve heard about one called “Mark”…

Finally some of the last pictures I took with it… before the Bang Bang.

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