Scenic path to St. Ives

Since quite a long ago I wanted to cycle through the scenic path that goes from Cambridge to St. Ives. Finally yesterday the summer returned to Cambridge (at least for some days), so it was a perfect occasion to explore a bit. The existence of this path is not extremely spread over Cambridge, so I’ll try to answer some questions about it:

  • What is the Cambridshire Guided Busway? It’s an exclusive bus way which connects Cambridge with some neighboring towns.  The bus only can only travel inside the “busway”. Next to there’s a nice and smooth cycle path. No streetlights (excepting some occasional crossroads). No annoying cars. There are several routes. More information in The Busway main site here, or in Wikipedia.
  • Where it starts? The one going to St. Ives start in Milton Road, close to the Cambridge Regional College:
  • It worth cycling it? Of course! It’s a nice experience to have a good quality road without being annoyed by cars. And you always can make a stop to observe the wetlands and birds on the vicinity of St. Ives.
  • What if I get bored? It’s so straight… Well, there’s plenty of side paths and walks starting from the main road, so there’s room for exploring 😉

Finally some pictures.. Must admit than the closer to St. Ives, the nicer the landscape becomes…

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4 thoughts on “Scenic path to St. Ives

  1. És molt gracios el busway!! A la foto del seu web sembla un tren en format bus! I que va a tota màquina.

    Per aquestes contrades no has trobat a cap hobbit? Perquè tot això és d’un verd espectacular!

    Una abraçada i ens veiem al següent post

    • A vegades hi he pensat en els hobbits… alguns llocs d’aquí realment recorden a la Comarca… però el que trobo que li falta és bosc… tot està plagat de camps i més camps. Falten arbres… :S

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