Visualizing Seattle

Welcome to USA!

Entering the States is accompanied by several questions about my final destination, the aim of my visit, the length of my stay and if I’ve already purchased my ticket back. 1, 2, 3… up to 10 fingerprints stamped on a small scanner… OMG! Finally when I cross the border it seems to be nearly a miracle. However, here we are, in the promised land, when anything is possible.

Seattle is a nice surprise. Placed on a pictorial distribution of fake lakes, this “Queen of Salmon” city seems to provide several green areas where to chill out, do some picnic surrounded by balloons or play some thow-any-object-to-your-friends games. It even has a decent public transport system, so life for short term visitors is not so bad.

A final impression about this place is that everything seems to be super-size: the cars, the roads, the buildings, the salmon, the lobster, the hamburgers, the free-refill soda glasses… which at the end is nearly a good balance: eat more, walk more.

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