Happy 1 year birthday!

Time flies. That’s a statement.

I recently realized that my blog is already 1 year old. It was born on 18th of September of 2011. Since then, it started to walk by itself and say its first words. Learn to look and interpret the world. That’s really gratifying for a parent.

30 posts so far, most of them accompanied by pictures, as it’s one of my passions. Many things have happened during this time as well… moving to Cambridge, discover a totally new world of customs, traditions and other surprising things. Travels, new cultures, different people… I even will dare to say that my English improved a bit, which is somehow satisfying for a staunch Spanglish speaker.

During this year I also got some surprises: some colleagues from my undergraduate courses contacted me again thanks to this blog… One of them was actually looking for some information in Internet about the astrophysics master course I took in the UB! (Hi Ramon!) That was pretty awesome! 🙂

Well, finally just wanted to thank all of you who take a look from time to time to my virtual pages.
So… Happy Birthday to this first year! And… let’s light a candle to celebrate it.


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