The paradise in B&W

Using B&W for wildlife and landscape photography seems a bit unreasonable at the beginning. Specially now, that all nature pictures seem to be boosting amazing colours, colours that sometimes we don’t even see, as they are product of our magic digital era. In fact, that was my thought when I entered Sebastião Salgado’s photographic exhibition in the Natural History Museum in London. Nature is so cool in HDR, so why bother to reduce it to B&W? Well, maybe in any other case, but in the work of Salgado, Genesis, it makes a difference. Is not only photography, is not a documentary, is not only exotic people, landscapes and animals. I’d call it visual poetry.  It’s a call: Earth is beautiful, we should all take care to preserve the little bit of remaining paradise on it.

If you got interested, more of his work in this web page.

Finally my modest contribution to the cause. These pictures were taken in Iceland, one of few countries in Europe that still preserves the nature’s wild beauty.


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