Dartmoor National Park

OMG, just realise that it’s going to be my 4th post in a row on National Parks and nature. Well, I’m not obsessed with them (do I?), but things just come this way. I do certainly travel less than last year: lots of things to be done. Work is piling up, sports, social activities and other hobbies are gaining ground. Time seems to be shrinking in the same proportion as the things to do grow. Certainly I still do take pictures, but that mainly happens when I go on a trip. Pictures of buildings after a while end up being boring, and I don’t have any project on portrait photography (yet), but landscapes are always there. Beautiful. Fragile. Unique. It comes then that I get very emotional and my SD card starts to be filled with green and blue patches. So here we are. Yet another national park.

The Dartmoor National Park, in the South-West of UK is a peculiar place. Despite having a bit of oak forest, is almost all covered by bushes, and low height trees, stoically resisting the strong wind. Occasional sheep and hairy cows wondering around. Clouds and shiny spells casting some beautiful rainbows.


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