Portraits of Morocco

Finally the moment has arrived. After a long break I finally can fulfill two wishes: create a new post and include some portraits in it. Natural parks are great, but personally I find people are the really motivating subject for me. However, it hasn’t been an easy task. Each time I travel to less favored countries outside Europe, I do face the same ethical contradiction. On one side, I’d love to portrait people in different context and basically in their everyday life, because their lives are so different to ours so that is a whole project on its own. On the other side, I can feel that in many cases my interest is not welcomed. I missed many pictures because of this contradiction. I could see in some people’s eyes a kind of resignation and blame. It’s understandable what they could be thinking about tourists: wealthy European / American / Australian and so on, travelling to their country just to take pictures of them as if they would be exotic animals in a zoo. I understand that every time that they see a tourist with a camera, chances are high that this person would just shoot a picture, without even asking them for permission, violating their privacy. It’s a hard decision sometimes, so I’m not sure if this is silly and I just had to ask for permission, but I really didn’t felt like. Probably the fact that I didn’t speak the language made it a bit harder.

Fortunately, I didn’t return totally empty of portraits. In some cases I felt a much warmer atmosphere with people, so I asked for permission. Children in generally where even eager to have their picture taken.

Regarding Morocco, I’d tell that is a fascinating country. Nature-wise is very varied. Different landscapes in just few kilometers. Being initially a naive tourist you have to learn how to deal with some situations. The key to enjoy it is to be firm in your behavior, but optimistic and friendly above all. Definitely a place to come back… with more time (and more street-wise experience).


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