Two months in Pasadena

Toc toc Penny?

Time runs fast. It seems it was yesterday that rainy day in Cambridge when I had my viva. My PhD was approved and there was a whole adventure waiting to be lived. A new start in a new place. Some nostalgic thoughts about family and beloved friends left behind. Other more exciting thoughts about living yet another adventure. If there is something to say about having a job in academia, is that it will never let yourself to get bored… even if you want to.

So well, with a suitcase and the promise of a good job and warmer lands than England, I landed in the country of the American Dream. Interestingly, recently I read the Death of a Salesman, which offers a critical view of this concept. However, illusion or not, seems that in USA there is still room for investment into science, which, worryingly enough, is missing in Spain.

It´s been two months I joined Caltech as a post doctoral researcher and I must say I like it here. California is special. Let´s see what the American Dream has in store for me here.




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