Yucatán has more than resorts and beaches. Indeed, in our trip we did not even step the beach until the last day… Lagoons and cenotes are great places to swim, away from the all-included crowds.

Food is also amazing! Road taquerias are also a great alternative to the “traditional Mexican buffet” restaurants, packed with tour buses. Tacos are as affordable as $10. You just need to look for a place with plastic chairs. Inside, cooks are vigorously chopping bistek, cabeza and tripa.

By lucky coincidence, Valladolid just had started the regional festivities and the square of La Virgen de la Candelaria was full of cheerful dancers of La Jarana.

Last but not least, the Maya settlements are totally inspiring! One the one hand, Calakmul was a really personal experience. From the top of Structure 2, everything was surrounded by a sea of green. On the other hand, Chichen-Itzá was more of an attraction park combined with a shopping centre. However, I need to admit that the level of preservation of the pyramids is truly unique.


Each stone is a tale
silent words
washed by waves of time




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